Wednesday, 18 January 2017



On July 15th, 1999, when Major DP Singh was brought to hospital he was declared dead. He was grievously injured in Operation Vijay, during the Kargil war. The surgeons could not get the pulse and he was completely blood soaked. This was his condition.*

But fortunately he survived the battle and doctors were able to save him after his leg was amputated.

He accepted that his next challenge in life was to live without one leg. But his spirits was never killed. Just after a year, when the wounds started healing, Maj DP Singh started to walk with the help of crutches and later was fixed with artificial walking leg. ten years later, he first participated in the Airtel Half Marathon in Delhi and completed the finish line with running on blades. He became the first Indian to be called the blade runner and won many awards.

DP Singh during a debate in Timesnow has revealed how the Congress treated the soldiers and the army during their term for 10 years. This was specially pointed at Rahul Gandhi, who now finds it amusing to drag in army and soldiers for their political gimmicks. Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the Congress workers in Rishikesh day before yesterday, said that Modi government is cheating the soldiers by not delivering the OROP. Probably Rahul Gandhi has no updates on any developments, or he would have understood that over 2 Lakh pensioners have received their due, war widows have started receiving money. By March over 13 Lakh pensioners will get their due.

Major DP Singh questions Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party why didn’t his governmnet do any work while they were in power? He says that he being a disable officer, very well knew what was the condition of the soldiers in the army. He says that injured soldiers had to face humiliation and had to live in pathetic condition. He tells Congress to check how much improvement has been brought in the same department today under Manohar Parrikar.

Congress which is now mocking the BSF Jawan video and using it for political benefit should listen to DP Singh who says, people come for help only when they know the governmnet will take the issue seriously and help them. He openly says that for 10 years Congress Defense Minister AK Antony did not even care to clear a file and today when some one is trying to do something good, Congress wants to mock them and make cheap political gimmicks.

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