Saturday, 28 November 2015

#NoCricketWithPakistan Effect?  ​​Indo-Pak Series not decided yet!

Delhi:  India and Pakistan on the series is still intact suspense. The series between the two countries, the Indian government has not yet cleared. Said Foreign Ministry spokesman tweeted growth pattern so far taken any decision on the series between India and Pakistan have not been.
The series in Sri Lanka between the BCCI and the PCB to which the agreement was Security was intensified after protests in India. It is believed that this was due to opposition from the government, tweeted that has not yet taken any decision on this series. The Pakistani newspaper said Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved the PCB. Although the country still continues the series about the support and resistance. India and Pakistan conducted a series of initiatives, India has not gone to many people.
With approval from the Pakistani people in India #NoCricketWithPakistan started with the tweet. #NoCricketWithPakistan On social networking site Twitter are consistent with the trend of people are opposed to the India-Pakistan series. Adding that India and Pakistan should stop with politics biryani. People are tweeted on Twitter that the series with Pakistan are playing a good day, we must better days.

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